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Ho-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!
Not that…

Ho-ho-ho! Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!
Until the new year is still so long, but I want to receive gifts now, every day I want to have a holiday.
It was for this purpose that the New Year Bonus project was created! We came to please every day!

But the holiday is only on the 1st of January, how are we going to make you happy? Everything is very simple!
Before the new year, there are a lot of different holidays. Every day is a significant event on a global scale. And than it not holidays? Why not to give gifts to all the people of the world on this day?

But what happens after January 1st? After all, the project will complete its task, the holidays will end.
And here not! We already said that every day in the history of our civilization there were very powerful events.
Therefore, we will give gifts in the new 2018 year. We will change the design to a more neutral one, it will be a gift, beautiful and attractive, so that you have a holiday every time you visit the site.



147 days.


We offer a classic investment option.
The time limit for your deposit is 2 days.
The minimum deposit that each investor can make: $ 10
Maximum deposit at a time: $ 10,000
Interest rate: 4.2% for the 2 days

But then, there will be the most interesting.
Every day is a holiday. We will congratulate you every day. And depending on the importance of the holiday for the world community, bonuses will be allocated.

It can be + 1% on your balance, or maybe + 5% on your balance.
After you make a new deposit, you will be credited to the balance of the percentage of your deposit (bonus) and it will be available to the conclusion.


Referral program

Everyone who wants to develop our project receives a reward for active participation.
To give gifts every day is not only fun, but it is also costly in terms of strength, time and money, an occupation.
Therefore, we need helpers who, for a very substantial reward, will help to give a holiday to everyone.

We pay 2% of each deposit, which will make your referral.
We also pay 5% of the income of your referral.